Geography Club
Activities and sites for Geography Club.

Grades 1-2

Grades 3-5

Practice Games

Freeware to download for PC

Flash Earth: Alternative to downloading Google Earth; a bit clunky
Songs and Nursery Rhymes from Around the World: Words and, sometimes music, for nursery rhymes and children's songs from around the world. Choose a continent and then a subarea of the continent.

Grades 1-2

Student Atlas: Learn about the world in this interactive atlas--countries, animals, geography
Continents and Oceans: Learn the names of the continents and oceans as well as their locations. Audio.
Globe Rider: No audio. Find the continents and oceans.
Compass Game: Three tasks using a compass.
Cardinal and Ordinal Directions practice: Try to find the directions and give yourself points for being right.
Letterboxing Kids: Follow the directions to find a treasure.
Reading a Grid Map: short quiz on grids
Tutorials on map skills:
Plotting on a map: Plot the shortest route for Arthur to deliver ice cream.

U.S. Geography Games: Use the tutorials and games to learn about the states, captials and regions of the US.
Colorado Geography: Historic maps of Colorado regions and activities

Canada study links: Links to many sites about Canada
Canada provinces game: Once you've learned about Canada, try to place the provinces in the right places.
Photo tour of Canada: See highlights of the different provinces.

Mexico Tutorials and Games: Learn about the Mexican states and their capitals.
Kid's View of Japan: Learn about Japan from a child's perspective

I Know That: Audio supported questions about regions and landforms of the world
Grover Grooves: Grover dances your design

Grades 3-5

Country Comparisons: UN statistics allow you to compare countries of your choice on many aspects

Physical Interactive World Atlas: Use this to see sections of the world on physical maps (rivers, vegetation, elevations) or political (country boundaries)
I Know That Geography: Practice games, Select the area of the world
I Like to Learn Geography Practice: Choose an area of the world or landmarks such as rivers to test your skills.
Conquer the Continents: As you learn the countries within each continent, use this site to test your skills.
Geography Games: Tutorials and games for every continent;

Miscellaneous Facts about the World: Highest, biggest, densest, all the superlatives -- find them in the world atlas
Weather Bonk: Look at the weather in any part of the world. Annual temps and rainfall as well.
Student Interactive Atlas: Look up countries, continents, animals and other features to make the world come alive.
Mapping Our World: Some fun activities among these such as where would you come out and which map is it; discussion of types of maps (mercator, Peters, etc.)
Peace Corps: Learn about other countries through the eyes and experiences of American volunteers in the Peace Corps.
Africa for Kids: Learn about the music, masks, stories, and schools in African villages.
FBI Investigations International: Try to solve international mysteries
Around the World: See pictures and learn about countries around the world; take challenges to see what you've learned; hosted by Time for Kids.
Natural Wonders of the World: Virtual field trip to the Natural Wonders of the world.
Seven New Wonders of the World: Internet voting chose these seven wonders.
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World:
Around the World in 80 Clicks: Do a world tour of live cams
Photo Tour in China
Picture Gallery of South Africa

Geography Bee: Try the daily quiz
Preparing for the Geography Bee: Hints about preparing and links to other helpful sites and past quizzes.


Outline Maps for printing: Print maps with or without country labels

Geography Games Online: Use this site to practice placing countries on maps. Maps have outlines. You will get 21 countries to place and the site will time how long it takes. Try graphing yourself to see how much you improve. This also has practice in identifying latitude and longitude.

Geography A-Z Cards:

Freeware for PC

Owl and Mouse Software: This site has a number of map games to download and play. It also has maps to print out.

Freelane: Three geography games that can be downloaded for off-line practice.