These documents are templates for projects we do with students. Although they are grouped for primary and intermediate, many can cross grade levels.

NOTE: We recommend that you save the files to your computer and then open them with the appropriate programs. All .bmp files were made in Paint, but could be opened with any drawing program.

Projects for Primary Students
For Hundreds Day:

Grids for 4-squares, half page, and senses drawings:

Slide shows for math practice:

Framed paragraphs/presentations:

Postcard-sized trading cards: (In PowerPoint, go to View...Grid and Guides. Turn on the guides to divide the screen into fourths.)
Dinosaur birth announcement:

Vocabulary work:

Projects for Intermediate Students
Because we try to develop independence in our students, we use few templates in the upper grades. The following were created for 3rd grade students, many of whom could have created the projects from scratch, but we were aiming for a common look (which isn't easily accomplished with 3rd graders working from scratch!).

Alphabet books: During staff development, teachers learned about having students create alphabet books to describe what they've learned. The following templates helped third grade students working collaboratively on alphabet projects to create consistent pages.

Postcards: These postcards culminated a unit on immigration. The templates could be used for other core content units.

Brochures: Brochures made in presentation software such as PowerPoint are easy to complete and don't require desktop publishing software. While we intended that students would remove the colored divider lines, many students liked the look of colored bands along the folds.

Figurative Language:

Curriculum Map: