K-2 Quiz Game
Review game for post-instruction on Internet usage:

Grades 2-5 Quiz Game
Teacher Sample Anticipation Guide for Older Elementary and Middle School Students
Review game for post-instruction on Internet use:

Web Resources for Activities/Teaching

CyberSmart: This website offers a FREE full curriculum for grades K-12. Each set of lessons can be used over two years, so it requires little time each year. The quizzes are based on this curriculum and our in-house additions.

Get Your Web License: PBS has this interactive quiz for intermediate students and above.

Net Smartz:This site has interactive sections for elementary students. It may be helpful to use this site in tandem with a visit from the local police. Many police use training materials from this site. Check with your local or state police department.

Disney Surf Swell Island: Disney has four interactive quizzes for young students. Audio support.

Jo Cool or Jo Fool: Targeted for grades 6-8; some 5th graders may find it engaging. Stories are cartoon-like. Privacy Playground shows the impact of not keeping information private.

How students keep credits with digital pictures: